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Looking for cheaper, faster and wireless internet for your home or small business? The homeBroadband offering is ideal for you and is currently available of prepaid vouchers starting at only R10-00 for 210mb of traffic!

Communes, Internet Cafes, Guesthouses, Events? Whatever your internet needs, we have a wireless solution for you. Let us help you generate income through the resell of internet services in your community today!

businessWireless is a custom solution which we deploy at our clients premises to achieve higher than average broadband requirements at extremely competitive pricing. Speed, agility and reliability at the core!

With our Support Services starting at only R100-00 per device per month, it's a wonder why any business wouldn't opt for these rates. We have highly qualified staff in the wireless space, trust us to handle it!
AcceleritWireless is 100% South African owned. Our mission is to make the internet accessible to as many people at the lowest price point possible. We believe the more people we have online, the more opportunities we create for wealth stimulation within the african continent. Our plea is for you to let us handle your internet connectivity so you can get on with the rest smiling.