AcceleritWireless Hotspot Login

How do I login to the “AcceleritWireless” network?

1. To access our network you need to ensure that your device supports Wi-Fi connectivity
2. Once confirmed then scan for “AcceleritWireless” on available Wi-Fi networks and connect
3. Verify that your device is connected to “AcceleritWireless” and navigate to “iol.co.za” via your internet browser
4. Our login page should appear and it is on this login page that you should enter your username and password

I have followed the login instructions above but I do not see the login page on my internet broswer. What now?

If you have connected and attempted to navigate to “iol.co.za” but still you do not see the login page then try the following

1. Ensure that your device network settings are on “DHCP client”
2. Ensure that there is no proxy server that is set under network options. The only box that should be checked under Local Area Network settings should be “Automatically detect settings” and nothing else

What are the service levels for the home connection?

In the unfortunate event that your connection is down. Please allow our team 48hrs to troubleshoot and get you back online. Trust us to work like minions to get you back online.

Does my data automatically rollover when I recharge?

No data does not automatically roll over when you recharge. At the point of recharging you forfeit your remaining data balance.

I’m connected but there is an exclamation mark “!”

If you are connected to our Wi-Fi network but there is an exclamation mark with a yellow icon then try the following -:

1. Go to https://www.acceleritwireless.co.za/usermanager.
1.1 Check that your account is active.
1.2 Check also that you haven’t used up your allocated quota for the day if you are on GiGaDaY.

2. If you have data and your account is active then go to “www.iol.co.za” and see if you can access that page. If not log a request via “info@acceleritwireless.co.za” and send us your username.

I’ve done it all and still can’t connect. Help?

Please check the following and revert to info@acceleritwireless.co.za with a completed questionnaire should you need to -:

00. Have you gone through all the relevant topics under the FAQ section of this page?

RESTART your device and/or router, check and respond to the following -:

01.1 Is your Wi-Fi connected to “AcceleritWireless”?
01.2 If not – Is it connected to a personal router that we have installed for you? Make sure that it is ALWAYS if we installed one for you.
02. Can you see the login page?
02.1 If you cannot see the login page – what error message do you get when to access “www.iol.co.za”?
02.2 If you can see the login page – what error message do you get when trying to login?
03. What is you coverage strength (How many bars)?:
04. Have used Wi-Fi on the same device before (Yes / No)?:
05. Provide names of the another 2 devices you’ve tried connecting on:
06. Confirm that your proxy settings are switched only to “Automatically detect settings”? (Very important):
07. Is you device in DHCP client mode (Please google how to do this for your specific device as it varies)?

If you need to contact us please provide also the following -:
08. Login Username:
19. Building name:
12. Unit Number:
13. Phone number:

How do I check my usage info / balance?

You can check your usage info / balance by clicking on the link which reads “Check usage info” located under the login button on the login page.

or by visiting -:


Make sure you have your username and password ready!

How do I change my password?

To change your password simply visit -:


Login with your current password and choose the “Change password” feature at the top menu bar. It’s that simple 🙂


How do I logout?

1. Open your web browser
2. Type in “status.accelerit/” or “http://status.accelerit”
3. Hit the “logout” button and that’s it!



How do I share my Wi-Fi connection?

1. Turn your windows device into a range extender and Wi-Fi router by following -: Wi-Fi Sharing on Windows
1. Turn your Mac device into a range extender and Wi-Fi router by following -: Connectify.me
2. Enable hotspot tethering on your iOS or android device to share your Wi-Fi connection -: Wi-Fi Sharing on iOS / Android
3. Get a WiFi-to-WiFi Router, we sell them at cost with Free delivery and setup. You can also get your own range extender but we do not provide support for routers not purchased from us.

How do I setup my Tenda N300 range extender / Wifi Router?

Follow these steps -:

1.1 Make sure the router is placed as close as possible to the nearest Access Point i.e. where you normally get the strongest “AcceleritWireless” signal in your house / apartment / room. This is normally where our installer initially places your router.

1.2 Assuming you have already rest the router – Connect to it by scanning for SSID “Tenda_XXX” You will see this when you scan for available Wi-Fi networks on your device. Note that the “XXX” may be a number in your scenario.

2. Connect and navigate to “” on your internet browser – When you see the Tenda login screen enter “admin” for username and “admin” for password.


3. Once done click on “Advanced Settings” on the top right of the screen.
4. Click on “Wireless” and then “Wireless Security” and choose a password for “TENDA_XXX”

WirelessSecurity5. You will be logged off and at this point you should reconnect your device to “TENDA_XXX”

6. Again click on “Advanced settings” once you’ve logged on to the range extender admin page. You must enter browser address bar to get to the admin page should you not be redirected automatically.

7. Click range extender and choose “WISP”

8. Click on open scan and look for “AcceleritWireless” with the lowest number associated with it under “Signal Strength”.

WirelessWISP9. Click on connect and that’s it! You should be redirected to our login screen after your router reboots.

I paid via EFT on Payfast but my account is still not active. What’s cooking?

Please note that you must always click on “Complete” on the Payfast portal after you make your EFT payment.

If you forgot to click on complete then do not panic. Follow these steps.

You need to go to -:

1. UserManager www.acceleritwireless.co.za/usermanager
2. Choose “Purchase data”
3. Choose 1 credit then click next
4. Choose “Payfast”
5. Login to Payfast using your Payfast details
6. If you have already transferred funds via EFT then you will be prompted that you have funds in your wallet
7. Choose to pay using funds in your wallet
8. Your account will now be activated

iOS (iPhone / iPad) Login

My iOs device does not want to login although the “AcceleritWireless” signal is full. What should I do?

First thing to do with iOs device is to check that “Auto-Login” is disabled under your Wi-Fi settings. Once done then connect to “AcceleritWireless” and navigate to “iol.co.za” with your web browser. You should now be redirected to our login page.

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