AcceleritWireless Hotspot Login

How do I login to the “AcceleritWireless” network?

1. To access our network you need to ensure that your device supports Wi-Fi connectivity
2. Once confirmed then scan for “AcceleritWireless” on available Wi-Fi networks and connect
3. Verify that your device is connected to “AcceleritWireless” and navigate to “” via your internet browser
4. Our login page should appear and it is on this login page that you should enter your username and password

I have followed the login instructions above but I do not see the login page on my internet broswer. What now?

If you have connected and attempted to navigate to “” but still you do not see the login page then try the following

1. Ensure that your device network settings are on “DHCP client”
2. Ensure that there is no proxy server that is set under network options. The only box that should be checked under Local Area Network settings should be “Automatically detect settings” and nothing else

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