I’ve done it all and still can’t connect. Help?

Please check the following and revert to info@acceleritwireless.co.za with a completed questionnaire should you need to -:

00. Have you gone through all the relevant topics under the FAQ section of this page?

RESTART your device and/or router, check and respond to the following -:

01.1 Is your Wi-Fi connected to “AcceleritWireless”?
01.2 If not – Is it connected to a personal router that we have installed for you? Make sure that it is ALWAYS if we installed one for you.
02. Can you see the login page?
02.1 If you cannot see the login page – what error message do you get when to access “www.iol.co.za”?
02.2 If you can see the login page – what error message do you get when trying to login?
03. What is you coverage strength (How many bars)?:
04. Have used Wi-Fi on the same device before (Yes / No)?:
05. Provide names of the another 2 devices you’ve tried connecting on:
06. Confirm that your proxy settings are switched only to “Automatically detect settings”? (Very important):
07. Is you device in DHCP client mode (Please google how to do this for your specific device as it varies)?

If you need to contact us please provide also the following -:
08. Login Username:
19. Building name:
12. Unit Number:
13. Phone number:

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